Where are my glasses?
Where are my glasses?

It all started with the idea that we wanted to return to Amsterdam and the Netherlands, in general, to see more of the country by bicycle.  From there it morphed into cycling the Rhine River….and now….a 3 month adventure in Europe by plane, train, ferries, bicycle, car and , of course, our trusty feet.

We begin our journey on August 27 by taking the ferry to Comox and having a visit with Mark’s Mom before flying to Edmonton where we will overnight.  August 29 we hop on the plane which will stopover in Rekjavik for a couple of hours, then it is onwards to arrive in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon Aug 30.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, there is still a lot to do……

Waterproof shoe covers
Waterproof shoe covers

image I am sewing up 2 pairs of “rainproof shoe covers” out of Gortex and Velcro.  Very fashionable for strolling through the medieval towns!

So many maps and guidebooks, YouTube videos (Rick Steeves has been everywhere!), Google Earth ( have already taken a virtual tour along the Moselle River)…and blogs on the ‘Net.  We are so informed, is there anything left to the imagination, or to chance?


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