The Challenge


Converts to a backpack.
Converts to a backpack.


Packing LIGHT!!!!

Soooo, I have had my favourite old MEC convertible backpack/carry (circa  1986) all fixed by the local cobbler(does anyone use that term anymore?) The main zipper had been blown apart just one too may times….I’ll never forget my bag appearing on an airport luggage carousel (somewhere on a Caribbean Island) all tied up with bits of string…all my clothes bursting out along the edges….I was amazed there was nothing missing(well if there was, I didn’t miss it!  Hmmm, maybe there’s a lesson there?)   So with a brand new heavy duty zipper installed, I have taken the challenge of packing for a 3 month trip, encompassing all kinds of weather (I am hoping we don’t get snowed upon!), and including bicycle specific clothing and keeping it all under 20 lbs. (9.07 kg).  Oh yes, and my panniers, one of which I have attached a strap to so I can use it as a carry on bag, of course, are not waterproof… everything inside the bag is packed in zip lock freezer bags with the hope that this will keep my underwear dry!  I am thinking I should also take a giant heavy duty green garbage bag for over the top?  Although on second thought, if we do run into torrential rains, apparently, we can always hop on a train with our bikes….ahhhh, a cushy seat….could become a trend?

A pannier inside the bag.
A pannier inside the bag.

In preparation for this challenge, I have been reading “packing list” blogs and watching YouTube videos of all kinds of world travellers’ tips and lists and, yes, there is even an App for that!  Who new there was a science behind it all?

Will it all fit??? And still no shoes?
Will it all fit???
And still no shoes?

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