Escaping The Farm!


Our last day at home for the next three months was a bit hectic, but having a list of all the last minute ‘things to do’ around the property which we have developed over the years really helps.  Stuff like draining water lines to garden/greenhouse, pond lights off, water pump and hot water tanks off.  We also leave a radio on (CBC, of course), and a few lights.  Most of the garden was harvested and covered for the winter….just a few Brussels sprouts and kale plants which may or may not survive the ‘slug season’  through to December.  We had to pick all the apples, pears and plums (and wow, there were a lot this year!).  We saw a Mama Bear and 2 Cubs in the neighborhood yesterday.  The refrigerator is absolutely ‘chock-a-block’ full of pears as I read online this was the best way to keep them…we’ll see how that works!  Unfortunately, this was the first year (after 20 years!) that our walnut tree finally produced, but it is way too early to harvest so we have left them for the lucky squirrels.

Saying good bye to my Kitty is always tough, she seems to sense our going away.  However, thanks to our good neighbors and friends, I know she will be well cared for!

Queen of the Castle!
Queen of the Castle!

I suppose by now you have figured out that my life revolves around food!  Yes, I had packed a lovely little kit of paleo friendly snacks (hard boiled eggs, organic cheddar, some tapenade, peanut butter) and…..there it is….still sitting in the one little corner of the fridge that was left after the pears went in.  Luckily, I had a packed some of my homemade seed crackers, nuts and muffin mix in my carry-on bag and will pick up more cheese and eggs in Comox.  In any case, I certainly had enough to carry when walking on the ferry!  As a matter of fact, I re-evaluated some of the clothing I had brought along and will be ditching a few items at Mark’s moms place.

So,all in all, it was a fairly organized exit and a lovely cruise on the ferry to begin the first leg of our 4 day journey.


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