Back in the Saddle

Our first day and we have already had visitors!  Last winter we met a lovely couple from Hilversham, NL, through our dear friend, Norm, in Rossland.  They have been a true inspiration for our bicycle adventure undertakings, as they themselves have cycled extensively in Europe and North America.  So, armed with maps and Apps, we had more tips for our upcoming journey along the rivers of  The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, as well as some hi lights to visit by bike right here in North Holland.  They are actually on their way to camp and kiteboard on Tescherrling Island further north from here.

Later in the afternoon, we hopped on our bikes and rode out to Edam, only 9km from here.  What fabulous riding through green fields along the canal spotting some interesting birds and bunnies along the way.  A paved pathway for bicycles and walkers!  Sorry, no cheese in Edam.  Apparently that is a myth…the cheese actually is made in Alkamaar, just west of here, Edam is where the sailors loaded the cheese onto their ships before setting out to sea.  We did get a bit wet on the way back….fortunately able to stop under a bridge for the worst of the downpour.  Another cyclist, a friendly teenage boy on his way home from school, told us of his desire to finish school and  get a job so he could buy a car.  Pretty well the same story you hear at home.



2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. In 1981 while in Alkamaar, I turned my back for a minute and Larry was in a police armlock, being led away. It was market day and in an effort to get a better photo he climbed up on a vehicle, when asked by the police to come down, he pretended to be deaf. Not a good move.


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