Market Day in Purmerend

It looks like it is going to be a lovely day…. A few clouds with sunny breaks and 18C.

So it is off to the Koemarket…

Koemarket Stampede
Koemarket Stampede

image image imageYes, we bought some cheese!

as well as, veggies, a roasted chicken and for dessert…

A chocolate bar with live cultures!!!!
A chocolate bar with live cultures!!!!

Back in the saddles later we headed for Zaans Schans, a highly recommended outdoor museum where a number of old windmills have been relocated and reconstructed and are actually in full working order.  As a matter of fact, one of the windmills was grinding cocoa and the scent was heavy in the air!  Good thing I bought that chocolate bar!

I carefully planned the route using my FietsPlanner App which gives me the detailed route map following the fietspads(bike paths) right from our front door to the Museum.   It was absolutely perfect!

image image

image image image image

All in all, I was literally and figuratively ” blown away”  by the beauty of the landscapes, the paved bike paths, and the wind!

Here is a sample of some the signage along the way that really helps to make it easy.  You just have to follow the numbers…ours were 47 to 33 to 50 to 73….and magically there you are!


So we managed to cycle 30 kms today….hmmm, where we will go tomorrow?


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