A Rainy, Blustery Day in Enkhuizen!

With weather forecast predicting 100% chance of rain today, we passed on a bicycle adventure and went north and east on the train to Enkhuizen fully armed with rain gear and umbrellas.  We passed through several torrential downpours along the way, but we were warm and cozy on the upper level enjoying the passing countryside scenery of fields of green and even some large plots of flowers.

image image

In Enkhuizen, we boarded a passenger ferry which took us to the Zuidersee Maritime Museum.


This Museum is mostly an outdoor collection of very old houses from the pre-dike days when fishing was the mainstay.  They are arranged in a village and there was lots of info and demonstrations of things like rope-making, fish smoking.  It was interesting to learn about the constant threat of floods which wreaked havoc with the people and livestock who were trying to survive these harsh conditions!  Thus, they started building the dikes, but then that changed the fishing lifestyle and many families that depended on the fishery became destitute.  Of course, some turned to agriculture and now it appears to be a bountiful harvest in that regard.  While strolling around the grounds ducking in here and there to avoid the raindrops, we noticed a very large fleet of sailboats just off shore….maybe a race?  They certainly had good winds!  There was also an indoor museum with lots of restored original boats and  the history of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the first company to issue shares, as well as more history of the various towns around the then Zuidersee.

image image

On our wanderings back from the Museum through town ( very quaint and picture perfect, as most towns we’ve seen), we happened upon the yacht racing party on the docks.  We swept in and checked it out…the smoked fish for appies was delicious!


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