Moving Day To Ouddorp

imageIt is Saturday and we must leave our gracious hosts, Eric and Marjan in Purmerend and head for South Holland.  We are picked up at Schipol Airport by our good friends and (sometime)neighbors, Toni and Lisa.  When they visit Powell River, they live next door to us but their ‘hometown’ is Gladbeck, Germany.

We are whisked off on the highway towards Rotterdam, passing many refineries and wind turbines, then turn south for Ouddorp, which is where we will spend the next few weeks exploring more of this beautiful, bike-friendly country.  Toni’s  parents have kindly let us stay in their holiday home which is located in a lovely park just outside the town….

The house has a private backyard and a sauna and a terrasse upstairs.
The house has a private backyard and a sauna and a terrace  upstairs.

image image image image

It is very cozy, close to the beach and, of course, the bicycle trails.

Oh, yes, Toni is also loaning us bicycles!   Mark will ride his touring bike and I will borrow his mother’s bicycle, the Gazelle!  We feel very fortunate to have Toni and Lisa for friends to help us realize this dream of cycling in Europe!

image image

As you may have noticed, Mark is very happy he brought along 2pairs of cycling shorts, although he still may have a sore butt at the end of the day!

There was also a Fall Fair happening in the town square where we went for lunch.  My first purchases


We took the bicycles for a spin to town to pick up some groceries…a smooth ride!  I love my Gazelle!


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