Getting into a new Lifestyle….

We are now into Day 3 in Ouddorp.   The refrigerator is full after a few trips to the grocery store and we have found most of what we need.  I am learning lots of Dutch vocabulary, not that I could ever pronounce it properly, but it is an interesting language in that some words are quite close to similar words in English, ie, either sounding or in spelling and so you can often figure out the meaning.  For example, a seal is a zeehond ( sea hound), suiker is sugar, melk is milk, volle melk is whole milk.

We have been cycling every day. Sunday we went cycling along the dijk(dike) heading south.  It was extremely windy and there were a large number of kiteboarders, windsurfers, and blow carters ( a 3 wheeled go cart that is pulled along the beach with a kite like the kiteboarders use) on the water and the beach.  Oh yes, and there were regular surfers too because there were some big breakers further out  to sea.  We did about a 20 km loop along the shore and back to Ouddorp.  Sunday’s are very quiet in town as the shops are all closed.

image image image image

Monday we went for a walk on the beach…still windy, but not quite as fierce as Sunday.  Then another bike ride heading south through the middle of the island hitting the shore line and then back up to Stellendam and along the north east shore back to the Noordzee Park which is where the house is.

We found lots of these delicious little morsels along the trails…


Yes, the same blackberry as in BC!  And just as plentiful!

The perimeters of some of the fields we passed were planted in gorgeous wildflowers.


And along the dike that runs high above the beach there are historical sign posts that tell stories  about individual soldiers from the 2nd World War.

image image

Some are very sad, but interesting none the less.

We end our day with a sauna and…goede nacht!


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