Lost and Found!

Today we went over the Brouwersdam Dijk which is south west of Ouddorp on the island of Duiveland.

image image

The ‘dam’ or ‘dike’ is really a huge isthmus of sand and dunes and was quite pleasant to ride across especially since we had the wind with us for a change.  Being the beginning of the weekend, there were quite a few campervans and and trailers, many with bicycles on the back and windsurfers/surfboards on top.  This area is a Mecca for wind Sports enthusiasts!  It appeared that they were allowed to park and camp right along the beach.  It made me long to be travelling in our own dear ‘Sterling’  camper-van.


Because there was only a light breeze we saw a few windsurfers on the ‘inside’ waters and only one kiteboarders who was obviously just learning, as he needed to be rescued by the instructor.

image image

We found another ‘haven’ in Brouwershaven for a picnic in the sun.

image image image

Before our return trip home we thought we would ride across to the other side of this island to Serooskerke, and then zigzag our way up along the west side of the highway back to the dijk.  We didn’t think it would be a problem that the only map we had with the fiets routes ended at the highway.  Ha!  We came to a set of lights and crossed the highway and kept riding past a lovely little lake and onwards.  After 20 minutes of riding and no fiets pad signs we asked an elderly gentleman which way back to Ouddorp and he pointed in the completely opposite direction (from which we had just come!) .  So off we went, back to the highway and checked a map and we had made a wrong turn at the lights.  Deciding not to mess up again, we got on the side of the highway that we had the fietspad map for and followed the numbers back to Scharendijke where we had a bit of a rest and energized with a ‘Dutch koffie’ for the rest of the ride home.


We broke our record for kilometers of riding today!!!!  (50 km + the getting lost bit=????)


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found!

  1. Well, I finally caught up with you and your wild adventures!! 50K+ …ouch that would make for a tender derriere! The house is adorable! And what great country your are seeing!! Will have to check in more regularly but it sounds like you are having a blast!
    Happy Trails!


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