A Hard Lesson

I must admit, I had my first (and hopefully last) tumble off my bicycle the other day.  Now don’t worry, it was nothing serious…didn’t even get a road rash!  I was driving too fast, trying to get home before the next squall hit and the pavement was slick with the previous downpour (which had missed me because I was in the supermarket loading up on groceries….yes, my panniers were full… And heavy!) when I came to a 3 way intersection (very narrow) where 3 cars almost collided and I was behind one of them  who braked quite suddenly in front of me!  Yikes, I hit the right brake on the handle and went into a skid. Luckily it had slowed me down somewhat before I fell over onto my right side (oh dear, the side with the eggs!) .  Lesson 1:  on a granny bike, the rear brake is engaged only when you peddle backwards, the hand brake (on the right handle bar grip) is for the front tire!  I did know this and have been trying to get used to it, but in a panic I forgot!  The man whose car I was trying to avoid hitting, got out and helped me back up…was very apologetic and worried that I might be hurt.  His wife was there too, only she was on a bicycle…it was a bit confusing and somewhat comical…I can laugh about it now!  By the way, we didn’t have to have scrambled eggs for lunch that day!



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