No shortage of vegetables!

Riding through the farms and fields of South Holland, one realizes the importance of the small (and some large) family farms.  And none so apparent as now during the harvest time.  The other day I found a few potatoes lying by the roadside…of course, we had passed many fields of fields of potatoes at varying stages of development including just harvested.  There always seemed to be some left behind in the fields.  The fields of onions were enjoyably pungent to ride past, especially when they were being scooped up by the tractors.  The purple brussel sprouts were a gorgeous contrast to the green grass.  Rutabagas and radishes are other  big crops.  Pumpkins, squash and gourds which are very popular for outdoor garden decor are everywhere.

image image image image image image


My new pet gourd
My new pet gourd


We pass many home veggie stands with a small box for change. I have bought cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beets, apples, onions and eggs as we pass by on our bicycles, sometimes miles from the nearest town.  In the towns almost every house has a small veggie garden plot…some in their front yard.  Here in Ouddorp I have also seen a large “community garden”  where folks who may live in an apartment can grow flowers and veggies.

I bought this head of butter lettuce for €.79


Time for another big salad!


One thought on “No shortage of vegetables!

  1. Free potatoes laying around? All you can eat cheese sample buffets? My God what could be next, beer on tap at the side of the canal? I’m on my way


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