Packing and Planning and a BIG THANK YOU!

Tomorrow we will be leaving this cozy nest and heading east for the unknown in Willemstad!  We have booked a room in a small family run pension and we will be riding using the Knooppunten Fiets Netwerk.  The only ‘maps’ we have are on the iPads which will not be connected to the ‘net so we will have to take photos of the route and store in our photo album in order to refer to the junction point numbers along the way.  Sometimes there are maps at the junctions, but not always.  It is only 52 kms but naturally the wind has shifted and is now coming from the East and is predicted to be blowing up to 20 km/hr. tomorrow, but it is going to be sunny and 17C!!!

image image

Our Fietsknoopunten Route
Our Fietsknoopunten Route

We both want to send out a very big thank you to our friends Toni and Lisa and their family for allowing us to stay in such comfortable accommodation and providing us with so much support in this journey.  It would have been so much more difficult without them!  We will also be shedding a few more clothes, etc here, as Toni and Lisa will be picking them up and keeping them for us in Gladbeck! We will be ending our Bicycling adventure at their house in Germany for a few nights before carrying on to Chapter 4(?).  So stay tuned…..

I’m off to pack my panniers…


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