Day 1….Ouddorp to Willemstad (56 km)

Some  scurrying about the apartment this morning, a clear blue sky and a heavy dew on the bike seats, we finally had it all together and said goodbye to Ouddorp.  With not much wind to start, we made good time to Herkingen, on a route we had ridden on before.  At one of the junctions we met a fellow who rides his bike 40 -60 km a day and is 80 years old (also happened to have been a physiotherapist before he retired… Hey Moose and Greg there’s hope for you yet!)

Here is our picnic spot for the day in Zuidzijde a refuge from the wind!


Then I spotted this funky bus


Riding into Willemstad was unbelievably picturesque.  Another town surrounded by a moat and ramparts

image image

To find our hotel we stopped at the VVV (tourist info) on the way into town and picked up a map and got directions to the restaurant where we had to pick up our key.   The Hotel Willemstad was just across the street.

image imageA beautiful room overlooking the main cobbled street with big opening windows…there was even a small fridge in which we could store all our picnic items! And a safe place to store our bicycles!  The owner, Brian, and his wife were very accommodating and helpful.  We found a very interesting restaurant…Indonesian/Carribean Fusion!!!!!  The owner was born in The Netherlands, but grew up in Surinam (formerly Dutch New Guinea?), his mother being Indonesian and father from Surinam.  The food was really good….we tried a few different dishes, coconut curry soup, duck, beef and salmon.

After a moonlight walk around the harbour and town we discovered the fabulously comfortable bed back at our hotel….good night!


One thought on “Day 1….Ouddorp to Willemstad (56 km)

  1. Hey Mark way to go on the extreme biking, you must be shedding lbs cause you look ripped in that spandex.
    But as a precaution steer clear of the biker bars. Didn’t go over well in Quebec I can tell you


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