Day 6 – Grufflingen/St. Vith to Diekirch, Luxembourg

I have to say thanks again to Jaap and Simone for finding us a much quieter route back to St. Vith this morning!  Breakfast being rather Spartan, we were very happy to get back to the coffee shop for refueling.  Jaap and Simone were heading back to Roetgen and we were carrying on to the end of the Vennbahn in Troisvierges to catch a train to Ettelbruck.  Before we parted ways, Jaap came to the rescue!!!  He changed a tire for Simone who had a flat and managed with some Dutch ingenuity, to also pump up my tires….

How to use your underwear to pump a bicycle tire????
How to use your underwear to pump a bicycle tire????

After goodbye hugs all round, we cycle off our separate ways.

The Vennbahn route was now following small creeks and rivers which was a very different landscape from the High Fen.  Although the route was flat, it was slightly downhill and more curvey along some sections through to Burg Reuland.

Reuland Castle
Reuland Castle
Along the trail
Along the trail

There were a few detours that were definitely not rail grades beyond this point.  The first one we probably pushed up a 10% grade for about a kilometer to by-pass a tunnel which was a “bat preserve” (we think?).  Then just past this, we pushed about 1/2 km to the Belgium-Luxembourg border.


There was some fun downhill after this, but little did we know there was to be a final push the last kilometer into the train station at Troisvierges.  Finally at the ticket window at 16:28, the agent sells me our tickets….only €4. for 2 adults and 2 bicycles!!!! And tells me the train will be leaving in 6minutes!  Yikes!  The platform is on the other side, and no elevators here!  So we bump ourselves down the 2 flights  of  stairs and then unload the bikes for the upstairs portion, taking 2 trips with luggage then bikes and making it onto the train with about 2 minutes to spare!  There was no else getting on except the staff.  When we got to our destination in Ettlebruck, we quickly found the route across the Sure River onto the bicycle path.  It was a fabulously easy and gradual downhill ride all the way to Diekirch along the river!

The Beau Sejours Hotel was easy to find and we had a room with a view over the rooftops to hills beyond.  It was a busy Saturday night, but we managed to find a great restaurant for a delicious salad with grilled chicken!

What an interesting town…with the Donkey for its Mascot!



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