Day 7 – Diekirch to Echternach, Luxembourg (37 km)

The Beau Sejours Restaurant and Hotel wins # 1 for Breakfast (so far)!  All my favourites (thanks to the 80/20 rule, I could actually enjoy) pan au chocolate, strawberries, yogurt, scrambled eggs with bacon, Camembert cheese, all the coffee you could drink AND EVEN CHAMPAGNE!!! Who could say no to that?  Don’t worry I only had a very small glass, but it was such a treat!

The riding along the Sure River was unbelievably easy and 95% slightly downhill.  It had actually been a former railway.  We stayed on the Luxembourg side, but stopped at all the bridges and sometimes wandered over into Germany.  There were lots of swans and ducks and a surprising number of fly fishermen.  We never saw any fish being caught?  There were very few cyclists.  At one point we crossed over the St. James pilgrimage tour route to Spain…


Echternach was a very beautiful and interesting city.  Lots of tourists come here for the hiking as there are numerous trails in the surrounding Eifel hills.  We would definitely like to come back some day to explore the area on foot.

“Echternach (Luxembourgish: Iechternach) is a commune with city status in the canton of Echternach, which is part of the district of Grevenmacher, in eastern Luxembourg. Echternach lies near the border with Germany, and is the oldest town (current population 4,610) in Luxembourg.  It grew around the walls of the Abbey of Echternach, which was founded in 698 by St. Willibrord, an English monk from Ripon, Northumbria (in present-day North Yorkshire, England).  The river Sauer (Sure) that flows past the town now forms the border between Luxembourg and Germany; in the later Roman Empire and under the Merovingians by contrast, the Sauer did not form a border or march in this area. The Roman villa at Echternach (traces of which were rediscovered in 1975) was reputed to be the largest North of the Alps.” ( excerpt from Wikipedia)

Our hotel, La Petite Poete, was right on the main square and our window overlooked all the action below and the beautiful chapel across the way.  There was a beer and wine garden with entertainment in the middle of the square, which gave a very festive feeling about the town.


image image image image image


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