Day 8 – Echternach, (Lux) to Trier, Germany


Gardens of the Abby in Echternach.

Fly fishing along the Sure River
Fly fishing along the Sure River

When we finally got to the Moselle River….it was busy! There were a couple of the Barge ‘n Bike tour boats moored and we saw lots of cyclists. A few kilometers along and the crowds thinned and the sun came out….it had been a cool cloudy day until then. We stopped at a coffee shop for our afternoon “pick-me-up” and basked in the sunshine taking in the beautiful scene of the river, swans, ducks and geese.

But we couldn’t dally too long as we had a few more kms to go to get to Trier. I had planned out the route on the iPad which would take us directly to the Hotel Deutschherren entering the town by going over the Moselle via the Roman Bridge. It all went smoothly. We had a garage for the bicycles and a fridge in the room with COLD BEER!!! What more could one ask for?

It was a 5 minute walk into the cobbled streets.  We visited the Basilica and the church which were side by side.  The Church had amazing stained glass windows, but the Basilica’s windows were not?

Trier at night.
Trier at night.

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