Day 12 – Ellenz to Kobern – Gondorf

Another good night’s sleep and it’s “up and at ’em”.  I step out onto the balcony and into the drizzle of the day….merely a Scottish mist, but not enough to dampen the spirits of the gypsies!  Besides, there is breakfast to look forward to…and another wonderful buffet with lots of fresh coffee!  We dally over breakfast and catch up on some internet time in the room, waiting for the clearing that the weather person has promised?

We make it to Cochem, all the while being passed by tour buses on the one side and tour boats on the river.

We crossed the Mosel by a very small ferry!
We crossed the Mosel by a very small ferry!

image image

I am am just a bit disappointed with the bike path from Cochem and beyond as we are basically riding on a very wide shoulder of a fairly busy road.  We have devised a way to enjoy even this….we have our devices and our earphones so we just plug ourselves into some tunes to drown out the sound of the traffic!  We pass through a small area of construction along the trail and then 5 minutes later….Mark has a flat tire!  But at least we know we can fix this one, after our lesson from Jaap.

imageWe repair the old inner tube with glue and a patch because it seems that the spare tube might be too thin?  and then we find the small piece of sharp metal that punctured the tire (exactly like the one in Simone’s tire!)  The hand pump was full of rainwater and wouldn’t work at first.  We managed to get some air into it but not enough, so we loaded most of the weight onto my bike and pushed our way about a kilometer to the nearest town(Müden).  No bike shop or tire pump to be found.  However, there was a train station!!! Hooray!  We waited patiently and within about 10 minutes along came a stop train and we jumped aboard….well actually it’s more of a heave ho!  Half an hour later we were at our destination station, but the doors wouldn’t open!!!  Yikes!  With the help of some local kids we managed to make it to the next set of doors and get out before the train took off!  Whew…another close call!  And then we were faced with…THE STAIRS!!!! We had the drill down pat by now….finally out and walking our bikes along to our hotel, we met another cyclist who had a good pump and helped us pump up Marks tire so we were able to ride the final kilometer.  But by the time we got there the tire was flat again.

I am sooo happy I booked this particular hotel…Hotel Simonis in Kobern-Gondorf.   The reviews were glowing especially concerning the helpfulness of the family.  It is an Italian family owned and run establishment.  One of the sons, Miguele, checked us in and I asked him about a bicycle shop…no, not in this town.  But perhaps he could help….he has lots of tools and has fixed up many bicycles…so he is working on it.  The other son got Mark a beer and Papa made me an excellent espresso while we chatted about Bari, where the family had moved here from, about 2 years ago.  They left because of the extremely poor economy in Italy…45% unemployment for youth and so much corruption in government!

Our room is HUGE with windows overlooking the Markt Square, a canopied bed and a refrigerator!

We passed a good sized grocery store on the way into town and decided we were sick to death of restaurant food, so went in search of something for dinner to eat in the room.  We bought some organic greens, a ripe avocado, some juicy cherry tomatoes, garlic olives and cooked shrimp…it was so good we  vowed to do it again!  Oh yes, and dessert was Lindt Chocolate (85%) and cashews!

This was the train part of today’s journey…


Well it must be time to shut down the devices and catch some shut eye…Gute Nacht!


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