Day 13 – Kobern to Koblenz

It seems that every day brings a pleasant surprise…this morning it was dark chocolate for breakfast!!!!  And Miguele has managed to fix Mark’s bike!!!  (What an angel…he happened to have the right size inner tube and the one we tried to repair was “kaput”!)  There is a huge tent and stage set up outside our window in the main square.  This weekend the town is celebrating their Saint’s Day with music, games and ” essen und trinkin” ( eating and drinking)!  Poor souls who have rented this room for tonight might not get much sleep!

Our room at Hotel Simonis
Our room at Hotel Simonis

There was another curious thing we had been seeing in towns along the Mosel…measuring sticks on the side of buildings????  Well in Kobern we discovered that these sticks tell the story of how high the water gets when the River floods.  In Kobern there are signs on many of the buildings including our hotel of the “hochwasser” in 1993 which was about as high as the top of the entry door to the building!

It will be a short day today although we do have to find our way into Koblenz.  I have copies of many maps (on the iPad) showing how to get to our hotel which is conveniently located within walking distance of some of the major sights….the Hotel Scholz.

We ride across the Mosel on the train bridge into Koblenz and the sun comes out!!!!


We arrived at the hotel and were checked in by 2…then went for a fabulous walk in the sunshine along the Mosel River to the Deutches Eck (German Corner) where the Rhine and Mosel meet.  There is a huge statue of Kaiser Wilhelm on horseback with his guardian angel (?).


The Statue is in the lower right corner
The Statue is in the lower right corner

Pictures show the floods of 1993 and all but the statue was completely submerged!

I thought the most interesting site we saw today was the fountain with a ten tiered sculpture depicting the history of the city of Koblenz which is situated in the center of a lovely square.   We spent a gorgeous afternoon wandering through the Old City admiring its intersting buildings and cobbled streets, market squares and churches.


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