Day 16 – Bad Kreuznach to Bingen….the Nahe River

This morning we awaken to the sounds of the market being set up in the square so before breakfast we take a quick stroll to check it out and discover it is very cold!!!!  The temperature is hovering at about 2C and even though it is sunny, it is still very chilly!  We decide to head back to the Rhine as there is also some precipitation headed our way.

We have a lovely ride back to Bingen but are quite chilled when we arrive and anxious to find a warm hotel room.  We find one near the river and crank up the heater!   Over coffee we decide to take the boat from Bingen to Koblenz tomorrow as it has started to rain and predictions are for more of the same.   The terminal is across the road from the hotel and it is easy to buy our tickets for the 9:30 am sailing.  We even get the seniors discount!  It’s the Romantic Rhine River Cruise Economy Style!


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