Heading South

The drive south from Trujillo today took us through vast stretches of flat to slightly rolling cultivated fields.  We could see that we were headed toward some dark clouds on the horizon, but managed to skirt what looked like heavy rain ahead.  When we reached Llerena, we had time to get a short walk in before it started to rain.
We are staying in the most amazing “Hacienda or Cortijo”  just outside the small town of LLERENA in southern Extramadura. Our host is quite a character (Paco) who greeted us with a ‘falcon’ on his arm. He was the most gracious host we have met on our travels! You could tell he really loves his country and wants you to as well.  He was full of information on the history of Spain and the raising of those special Iberian pigs.

image image image image
I am sitting in front of a roaring fire, it’s windy and raining outside and I am sipping on a hot cup of ‘manzanilla’ (chamomile) tea! What a treat!

image image


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