Peace (?) and Quiet!

We watched this kite surfer take off from the top of the waves and get airborn!

Murphy’s Law in Spain….just when you think you have found the perfect situation…all hell breaks loose!  The day after we settled in to our new digs, the army shows up across the valley and  quiet country lane.  They set up camp, brought in the tanks and guns and choppers….it was like watching an old WWII movie being made, sans John Wayne or Steve McQueen.

Luckily they only stuck around for a couple of days….and it was somewhat entertaining??????

We had our Dutch friends, Simone and Jaap, over for dinner during this fiasco.  They are staying about a half hour away in Conil de la Frontera where the kitesurfing is very popular and that is what Jaap likes to do when he is not skiing or bicycling!  It was a fun evening and the next day together we drove down to Tarifa, the southernmost point in mainland Europe, only 18 kms from Africa across the Strait of Gibralter.  We toured the Castillo which dates as far back as the Phonecians and could see the Rif Mountain Range in North Africa from the top of the castle walls.  It was a fairly windy day as is common here in Tarifa and we saw a few windsurfers and kite boarders taking advantage of the situationimage



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