Another Warm Dutch Welcome!

As the wheels of the jet touchdown, the clouds break up and a big blue hole lets the low lying sun shine light up the city !  Ah, enjoy the moment, because it is sure to change back to a rain shower at any time.  We are becoming ‘old pros’ in the Amsterdam Airport;  land at 15:30, bags are waiting on the carousel when we get there, straight to train station, buy tickets from kiosk, pick up a couple of Dutch coffees and we are on the 16:40 train to Hilversum!

The town is often called “media city” since it is the principal centre for radio and television broadcasting in The Netherlands. Radio Netherlands, heard worldwide via shortwave radio since the 1920s, is also based here. Hilversum is home to an extensive complex of audio and television studios belonging to the national broadcast production company NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting), as well as to the studios and offices of all the Dutch public broadcasting organisations and many commercial TV production companies. As a result, many old AM radio sets in Europe had a Hilversum dial position marked on their tuning scales.

Even Van Morrison was listening to the radio in those days…before Rock ‘n Roll….
I am down on my knees
At the wireless knobs
I am down on my knees
At those wireless knobs
Telefunken, Telefunken
And I’m searching for
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Athlone, Budapest, A F N
Hilversum, Helvetia
In the days before rock ‘n’ roll
Read more: Van Morrison – In The Days Before Rock ‘n’ Roll Lyrics | MetroLyrics

But, I digress, here the story gets a little complicated….we are met at the home of our dear friends, Simone and Jaap, by Simone’s mother Connie.  Jaap and Simone are still enjoying sunny Spain and have made the generous offer for us to stay in their home in Hilversum until Sunday when we fly home.  What a wonderful way to end our journey!  Connie is a sweetheart…she drives us all over Hilversum so we can get our bearings ( and pick up a pannier from our German connection, Alexander, Toni’s son),supplied us with groceries, then took us to her place for a cup of tea!

After a very full day, we climb into a warm comfy bed and immediately nod off!


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