The longest leg…

A 2 day drive and 2300 kms later, Jaap and Simone make it home from Spain and we get one more fun visit with them. Plus,we get to meet another family member, their son, Lex, before we head home on Sunday.
Simone kindly drives us to Schipol Airport and in due time we are airborn once again and off to Iceland where we have a brief stopover (and an upgrade to Business!!! Happy Day) before continuing on to Edmonton, where we are able to catch the last half of the CFL Grey Cup game (Edmonton vs. Ottawa)…well, at least Mark does, I was sawing logs shortly after my head hit the pillow…..zzzzzzz!

Monday we awoke to a very crisp and clear Alberta Day.  After a great breakfast of bacon and eggs, we went for a quick walk around the block. Brrrr!  Then we had a fabulous flight over the many mountain ranges on the way to the coast and Comox, where we stayed and had a lovely visit with Mark’s Mom.  The plan was to get up early Tuesday morning to catch the 10 am ferry….meanwhile, the weather had other plans….it was blowing a gale and it was too rough so the ferries were not sailing!  Boohoo….so close and yet so far from home!  So we made the best of the situation and took Joyce (Mark’s Mom) to Value Village….where I found the score of the day….a new ski jacket.

Although it was still windy, it didn’t seem to be quite as strong as earlier so we made the call and headed for the ferry terminal not knowing for sure if the 3:15 ferry would sail?????  As luck would have it, away we went!

Murray met us at the other side, took us to the grocery store and we arrived to our cold dark house, tired but soooo very happy to be HOME!  It didn’t take Mark long to get the wood stove blazing!

Well that is pretty well the end of our 2015 European adventure, now we have all winter to plan the next one!  Yes, it was that much fun!

PS.  I have had so much fun writing this blog that I am thinking about another one….gypsyrozbudonskiis????   Stay tuned!



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