Paulson Norwegian Trail

Despite the COLD temperatures, we venture out to the Paulson trails today at -18C.  It is a glorious sunny day…the white tipped mountains are dramatic against the clear blue skies!  There are a few others heading up the Glenmerry trail but we veer off and we follow a cat track all the way up the Rossland-Paulson to the Norwegian intersection.  Gorgeous views of Old Glory!  We are passed by Natalie and Anne…that’s ok, hopefully they will have the fire stoked by the time we get to the cabin!  And, yes, the fire is blazing and we can cook our paleo grillies and warm up before heading back down the Glenmerry road to enjoy the Alpenglow sky.

We make it home in time to watch the young Canadians beat the Czechs in the IIHF junior hockey tourney!

Another day in winter wonderland!