Europe 2017…let the planning begin

Maps and Apps and Guidebooks are spread on the dining table as we hover above them and ponder where our route will take us this time around.


Hiking in Ireland sounds great as long as you are willing to “embrace the rain”…we figure if we managed last October/November on the liquid Sunshine Coast, we can handle anything the Emerald Isle can throw at us!

We are really looking forward to visiting our friends, Jaap and Simone in Hilversum(near Amsterdam) and to explore more of the Netherlands by our favorite mode of transport…bicycles!  We have been hearing and seeing photos of their cycling adventures from them this winter as they are staying and skiing here in Rossland.  Last fall they rode from Hilversum to Rome in 5 weeks!  A true inspiration to those of us who have ‘hill-phobia’!  They are a fabulous resource with all their knowledge of maps and apps (thank you Simone for Pocket Earth!!!)  as well as their experiences ‘on the trails’.

So from Netherlands to Germany and the Vennbahn ( yes, again!)  back and forth along the Belgian border to Luxembourg, land of the €2 train ride ( yes, that includes the bike), the Sùr (Sauer) River to the Mosel(Moselle) and…..well here is where we need to study our options…one could carry on heading west and south along the Moselle or go east to Konz where we could head south along the Saar River into France.         The flaky French Croissants and Café Allongée  are awaiting, along with the olives, the cheeses, the …. yummm!

What about our bicycles?  Should we take them with us?  How to pack a bike for the airplane ride?  Panniers, handlebar bags with see thru iPad pouch?  What to do with our bikes when the riding is over ( which could happen rather suddenly as in our last trip!)  Bicycles on High Speed Trains in France?  More research needs to be done!

Then there is the dreary month of November…after last fall, we feel there is no need to hurry home to the Wet Coast!  We have been pouring over the weather stats for Europe…Southern France, Majorca, Corsica, Canary Islands, Madeira, Greek Islands, Southern Spain, Portugal???  Another ‘hmmmm’!

Food for thought and lots of it…time to get back to the The most amazingly helpful planning tool of the Century….the World Wide Web!  Stay tuned for updates….