The Gypsy comes Home!!!

Well, once again I am actually in my space that I dearly love….a quiet retreat amongst my friends, the trees, the flowers, the birds and my sweet aged cat, Kitty Belle!  The trip home from the Kootenays was a little stressful…had a 2 day layover in Hope, where we needed lots of hope that our truck could be repaired so we could make it home with all our stuff!  Yikes, it was a lucky break that we actually made it over all the mountain passes with the rusty old wheel bearings sounding like a creaking frog!

The first thing I did when I got home was to rip off my shoes and socks and run barefoot to the greenhouse to find Kitty Belle then on to the garden to discover that, yes, the kale had made it through the cold, snowy winter and tasted sooo sweet and tender!

It took a while to warm up and dry out the house, but the wood stove was cranked (and the de-humidifier, too)!!

Since arriving home I have been super busy planting seeds…lots of sprouting seeds for salads as well as veggie seeds in the greenhouse, some of which I have brought inside and placed in a sunny south facing window.

I put out the hummingbird feeder with a potent brew (water: sugar, 2:1) and filled the bird feeder with the usual black sunnies….the finches are here and the hummers have been full on….sometimes 4 at time at the feeding station!  Marco P hung the swallow house on the greenhouse wall as soon as we saw them sweeping about.  Yesterday we saw a huge V formation of Geese heading north!

The flowering wild wild currant is a favourite of the hummers…and the bleeding heart plant is almost ready to pop!

Our little aquarium fish survived the winter and are seeming to enjoy the clean tank, although it was mostly just overgrown with plant life.  The brook trout in the pond have been showing some jumping action, especially at dusk when we are having dinner.  The pond is still a little cool for swimming…we need a few hot sunny days, which seem to be few and far between!

Today has turned into a glorious sunny day…time to get out and enjoy!


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