Yoga and the new ‘aware’ me…

Such a busy winter in Rossland…yes, there was lots of skiing and socializing, but beyond all that were opportunities to advance my level of awareness of my personal journey to health and the world around me….and to discover a vibrant community of young people helping others to attain that awareness!

I had met Danielle a few years ago, a neighbour of some friends whose house we were temporarily staying in….and we had enjoyed a cup of her homemade herbal tea together.  So it was with interest that I visited her new storefront co-op…Madhu Collective…after seeing a poster at the ski hill advertising a ‘Pelvic Workshop’.  The pelvis being at the core of our structure, it had always intrigued and somewhat eluded me in terms of keeping it balanced, ie., I am prone to getting it all twisted and requiring a physio therapist to straighten me out…which is not that convenient.  I had recently read all of Katy Bowman’s books on alignment and was learning and practising her exercises and routines, including giving up sitting in chairs…I mostly sit on the floor and squat or kneel.  In my earlier posts, I mention my barefoot/minimal footwear lifestyle…well that’s all part and parcel of Katy’s teachings!  I had also borrowed my friend, Lyndsay’s, yoga textbooks which were very good with lots of anatomy in pictures and drawings and was practising some poses every day.  However, I really felt I needed some ‘hands on’ and person to person training.  The Pelvis is the perfect place to start.  The 4 -2 hr per session course was offering a multi-disciplinary approach by 5 professionals…an Occupational Therapist, 2 Registered Massage Therapists, a Yoga Instructor, and  a Nutritionist.   With only 15 participants, this was going to be a great opportunity to learn more!

By the end of the last session, I was super impressed with the amount of knowledge I had gained from these lovely women!  And all of it was very practical and concrete…stuff you could practice every day!  I know where my psoas muscles are and I can find and strengthen my Pelvic Floor!! Hooray!   I feel an extra level of awareness of my breathing and alignment and can quickly come into the present moment to focus on that.


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