May Day!

Well it is finally here…springtime at last!


Fleeting moments….

Hmmm….time seems to whiz by as we go about our daily routines here at The Last Resort….except of course when you are desperately waiting for the peas to show their little heads, which they finally did today, or the lettuce to get big enough for at least a little salad (not yet!).  Thanks to the sprouting jar we do get something extra fresh for the salads….and we are still eating last summer’s red sauerkraut, which has surprised me with its crunchiness.  And the kale in the garden continues to grow and be munched on by this veggie lover.

The weather has proven to be a little better than the predictions in that it hasn’t rained every day, all day and most days the sun has peeked out for at least a few hours.

The swallows have been in and out of the house, the finches appear sporadically at the feeder and there is one hummingbird that loves the new location of the clothesline where he perches quite happily for minutes on end.

We have been corresponding regularly with our dear Dutch friends, Jaap and Simone, who are so kindly looking at bicycles for us over in Netherlands.  Another exciting step towards our upcoming trip!


My order for the Great Lakes Collagen and gelatin finally arrived and we are now having a super bulletproof coffee every morning using our very own Powell River roasted beans, grass fed butter, organic coconut oil and now a tablespoon of Collagen…quite tasty!  Haven’t figured out how I am going to get through 3 months in Europe without this morning infusion of energy?  More food for thought!

Oh, and I tried to make my favourite Indian dish, Mattar Paneer(curried peas and fresh cheese) last week.  I went out to the Wildwood Farm and bought some fresh cow milk to make the paneer…however, I didnt let it drain long enough…so it kind of went to mush when I tried to fry it!!!!  Anyway, it all tasted good…so I will try it again and learn from first mistakes.  The cheese was actually quite good spread on one of my homemade seedy cumin crackers!