Our New Euro New Bicycles!!!!

A few days ago things were not looking so good…the CUBE touring bicycles that we spent hours (days and weeks actually!) researching and that we finally decided we wanted for our trip were nowhere to be found in Netherlands!  Today, on a whim, I thought I would look again online and see what I could find.  Well, amazingly enough, I found them on a Bike Discount site based out of Germany.  They are now bought and paid for and being shipped to our wonderful Dutch friends, Jaap and Simone who will keep them for us until we arrive at the end of August.  What a relief!  And a huge step in the right direction…Europe, here we come!





Gypsyrozbud goes to Sea!

Well it certainly has been a while since we have been sailing, but it seems we will soon be back out in the ‘Salish Sea’ again (although back in the old days it was called the Strait of Georgia).  We have chartered a Jenneau 36 starting June 15 for 2 weeks!  Lots of preparation is under way…we have been to see the boat and it has all the amenities and comforts….hot water, shower, heater, BBQ, roller furling, inflatable dingy with motor…luxurious, really!  Meal planning and prep is underway and fishing gear is being packed, along with lots of warm clothes and rain gear!

Which direction will we be going….so many choices…studying the charts….where will the wind be blowing from?