No, This is not us, Mark has not lost all his hair, but a promotional photo of the sailboat which has actually been renamed  “JUST DO IT”, which I thought was quite appropriate!


June 16th, 2017    🌥

After an early riser and 2 false starts (hmmmm, can’t go without the GPS or the bin of dry goods!), we finally get to the PR Marina by 10:30.  Whew! What a lot of stuff to load.  The Very Large refrigerator is jammed full of produce from the garden and pre-made frozen meals.  The Vberth is strewn with stuff…all this for 2 weeks?

After a quick run thru on the systems with Cooper Staff, we are ready to ditch the landlubbers behind and set our sails and our sights for Savary Island and beyond.  There is a light SW breeze so we up the main ( after figuring out how to take the reefs out) and let go the jib….sailing once again!

Lunchtime, naturally the wind gusts and I need to retrieve the sushi out of the sink, but no harm done.  We can enjoy our snack now that the wind is going light.  Lots of boats, large and small, going in both directions…this is the Marine Highway to the very popular Desolation Sound.

Carrying on past Savary Island and Lund, we recall the days when we would sail out through the shallow and treacherous Manson Passage as a short cut into the Strait….and the many times we anchored in front of the million dollar cottages on Hernando Island where now WE too could enjoy the spectacular view of the snow capped Coastal Mountains.

At Baker Passage (between Hernando and Cortes Is) we catch a lovely SW breeze with very flat water and we sail over to Hollyhock Farm and back a few times getting the feel for this seemingly quick sailing vessel on a gloriously sunny day.

Eventually the wind drops and we must start the engine…How great to just  “purr” along at 5-6 knots And then we are at Gorge Harbour on Cortes Is. in no time!  And yes, the petroglyphs at the entrance are still there!




As we dine, we can hear the band at the Marina in the distance, but they don’t play late and we have a very peaceful night on the water!  A joy to be living the sailing life once again!



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