An Idyllic Summer Day


Well what better way to get inspired to write than to spend a gorgeous day at the lake!

So, taking a break from my sailing blog, which I will eventually get back to….it’s just that things are pretty busy around here enjoying all the bounty that summer has to offer…and it always too short!!!!

The raspberries and blueberries are full on, peas are still happening, zucchini is running away….and tonight for dinner I steamed the first of the foot long beans!  The cukes are in the fridge in ice water, waiting to be pickled and finally, the abundant green tomatoes are turning red!

But I left the garden all behind today and had a had a great long bicycle ride around Inland Lake with a stop for a picnic and a swim at our ” Secret Beach”.

If you look very closely, you may notice some dark patches on the white sand…I had to share my picnic spot with only about a thousand tiny dark brown frogs(seriously, about the size of the tip of your pinky finger!), a dozen big green ones and even a brightly colored toad!  When I jumped in the lake for a refreshing swim, I was joined by a diving loon who called out its haunting greeting.

Then it was time to bushwhack my way back to the bike trail….trying not to get too scratched up with those pesky salmon berry bushes!

We are so lucky to have this fabulous (handicapped accessible, 13 km loop) trail and Provincial Park within a few kilometers of Westview!

Hmmm….I just might have to do it again tomorrow….summer life is too short not to!


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