A Cyclist ‘In Training’

The panniers, trunk bag and handlebar bag were all packed full and ready to go….it is July 29 th and just one month before we hop over to Europe to start our epic journey of discovery and it is Joyce’s (my mother-in-law) 95th Birthday Party!!!  Today I will ride my bicycle onto the ferry to Little River and from there to the Emerald Estates in Comox…maybe not a long journey, but a great way to get the feeling of freedom and independence from the trappings of daily life that a bicycle trip evokes.

This really is the summer of the whales…I spotted 5 humpbacks just off of Harwood Island on the ferry crossing!

After all the traffic had left the terminal, I slowly and somewhat unsteadily, started out…it only took a few minutes to adjust and feel the breeze on my skin to get that ‘feeling of freedom’ that my dear friend, Simone, so aptly describes when she is on one of her cycling journeys.  I REALLY GET IT, SIMONE!!!  And thank you for being soooo inspirational in helping to me realize how fun and easy it truly is!

It was absolutely joyous to fly along through the fields, meadows and farms of the Comox Valley, with the snow capped peaks of the mountains in the distance!  I stopped at a Farmer’s Market filled with fresh produce and a few small stands filled with zucchini for sale…again evoking memories of riding through Holland!  I even had a bit of a headwind! (More Dutch memories!)  Then I came around a big bend in the road and before me was the sparkling Salish Sea and more views of distant islands!  It was simply breathtaking…I stopped to soak it all in!  There was a cooling Southeast breeze, a long drink of some refreshing lemon water, and a few big stretches.  Not really knowing what lay ahead, off I tootled enjoying every minute of this newfound freedom.  I was ready for anything…even the upcoming hill…and more hill…and even a bit more…I was thankful for all the big trees along this route for providing some much needed shade!  After a fun downhill stretch coming into suburban Comox, I headed to my fave coffee shop, the Komox Grind, and was pleasantly surprised to see ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ on the menu!  Had to have one!  Delicious!

I really felt that I had only just begun and could have kept riding…but my destination was at hand and this journey had ended…a mere warm up for the big one yet to come!!!!

NEWS FLASH!!!  Our CUBE bicycles have been packed and shipped today from Germany to Netherlands!  What a joy and relief to know we would have wheels when we get there!  Hip, hip, hooray…another reason to celebrate!


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