Interesting tidbits…and route map!

Our route so far…Hilversum to Appingedam…approx 300km.

We have certainly found some interesting places to stay….

two nights ago we were in garden cottage south of Appingedam where the hosts were telling us that we could expect an ‘earthquake’ at any time.  Apparently the gas company is drilling nearby and as the gas is pumped out the earth in the area ‘sinks’ causing tremors!  And also nearby, is where the huge GOOGLE servers are located on many hectares of land.  It was supposed to be a ‘secret’, but how do you keep,a secret like that?

Last night we stayed in a synagogue in the old part of Appingedam.  Well, actually, it was the schoolhouse attached to it, but nonetheless it was very cool.  Mark took some great photos which I will attach when I get time!  Of course, the schoolhouse had been renovated and was really lovely with a small garden where we found fresh figs, raspberries and currants!

Tonight we are in a some kind of a ‘wellness’ resort where all the apartments are completely handicapped accessible …showers, toilets, low kitchen counters, huge doors for wheelchairs.  And it is located in the middle of a forest….very pretty!




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