Another great day of riding in perfect conditions!

All good except for the traffic along the last few kms getting into Chalon, but worth the effort to arrive at our beautiful hotel with a room overlooking (huge windows!) the Saone River.  It was a very different story trying to get out of the city the next morning which took us over an hour and 10 kms of city traffic, busy intersections and roadside riding.  When we finally saw the tranquil canal path we breathed a sigh of relief and swore we would not go back into that city, lovely as it may have been.  We had planned a fairly easy day so we could take a detour into the town of Fontaines which has a number of very ancient “wash houses”  which were, and still are, fed from a number of underground springs.


It is quite interesting passing by so many locks…today we chatted to a couple from Britain who were living on a canal boat and travelling through the many locks.  Apparently they are all automated and do not require any staff to operate…thus there are so many abandoned lock keeper houses along the way….some with very pretty flowers…


Tonight we are in the quiet town of Chagny…thinking about heading to the Loire Valley, famous for it’s castles and chateaus ( that’s west of here, over the mountains) by train tomorrow. The weather is looking very promising for another week…we’ll see!


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