Over the hump…

Well, we hit the 1500 km mark on our trusty odometer the other day.  I can hardly believe it, but when I open my eyes in the morning I am still so excited to get going and see what the day will bring!  I suppose it helps that the weather has been so good to us….today is promising more sunny skies and temps in the 20C +!

Today’s challenge is to get the train from St. Leger sur Dheune to Nevers in the Loire Valley.  Well, we didn’t realize it was going to be such a challenge when we set out this morning…but after all, it is a train!  First, we rode to the train station in Chagny to buy our tickets…no one there, just a ticket machine…ok, well we will just buy it at the ticket machine in St. Leger.  Off we go onto the lovely cycle path…taking a side trip into Santaney to admire the lovely fountain.


When we got to the train station in St. Leger…there was not a soul in site….nor was there a ticket machine…would the train even stop here?  Well it did, thank goodness and we were on our way.  Changing trains in Montchanin was a breeze with a lovely new elevator, but we still didn’t have a ticket….and…there was no ticket sellers only a machine.  I asked an official looking train employee when the train to Nevers departed and he says in 3 minutes!!!!  Oh no!!!  So he took me to the machine and he plugged in all the info required, I stuck my VISA card in and out came our tickets…I ran to my bike and then ran with it to where Mark was waiting by the appropriate bicycle car, and hoisted it up from the platform with help from the ticket guy and with not a moment to spare…the train was packed with young people and their luggage and their smart phones.  Off we sped…and then Mark had a look at the ticket…and it had our destination as Macon….yikes…the opposite direction to where we were heading!!!  As we sat in our seats we had a sign right in front of us….375€ fine for fraudulent tickets!

Arriving 2 hours later in the booming metropolis of Nevers only to discover that there were NO elevators!!!  Bump, bump down the stairs we go….take everything off the bikes, up the stairs… 3 trips…load up again and ride towards the Loire during rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon!  Luckily we booked a hotel out in the suburbs, about 5 kms along the Veloroute so we actually had an easy ride to get there and a quiet room to chill out in and be thankful that adventure was done!   Tomorrow we will be on the Loire Valley Veloroute!!!


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