Another Rail Trail!

Well it appears that today might be our last day of warm and sunny weather with no wind.  We headed off to the north west of here back into the ‘Montagnes Noirs’ of the Central Massif but this time for a cycling adventure on the ‘Passa Pais’ voie verte (an old converted rail bed).  We started in St. Pons de Thomiere and headed east…although a bit chilly when we started out, it warmed up throughout the day until we were down to T-shirts again!


We made it to Olargues on the Juar River (which runs just below the trail) for our picnic…an ancient city inhabited at one time by the Visigoths, Vandals and then Romans.

The vistas from the trail were beautiful…and yes, you can see Mount Caroux in the background which is where we hiked in the Gorges a few days ago.


The bees were busy in this late blooming heather…



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