The Homecoming!


Hard to believe, but here I am this morning at 5 am PST drinking my first bulletproof coffee of the day sitting in front of a roaring fire listening to the raindrops on the roof…and not a croissant in sight!  Sad and happy at the same time.  Another chapter to close in order to open a new one.

The final week of our adventure was just as much fun as the first one with some sightseeing in Montpellier and biking and walking in Holland.  After saying ‘au revoir’ to our dear host and friend, Celine, we had a quiet and uneventful train ride from Narbonne to Montpellier …no bicycles to load and unload!  However, I did miss my trusty steed when I had to carry my panniers to the hotel from the train station!

In Montpellier it was sunny and windy…good for wandering amongst the historical buildings and bustling plazas.  It was the weekend, so lots of folks out and about. The  main square…La Place de la Comedie…had market stalls set up which is always interesting and had some great local entertainment and a very cool light show…

Sunday morning we walked over to the Botanical Gardens which are undergoing a renovation…so the greenhouses were closed…it was a quiet place for a stroll amongst some lovely big trees and fountains.  On our flight over France that evening we could see the lights of so many villages!  We arrived back in Hilversum where we were greeted by our dear friend, Connie, Simone’s mother who was instrumental in helping us with our adventure in that she was the receiver of our packages and bicycles when we sent them from France.

Monday morning was wet and cold with a promise for the rain to stop by 1 pm.  A few coffees later and I hopped on my bicycle… I don’t think I have mentioned this, but she does have a name…GIGI.  Off to the village we went for some fresh croissants at the French bakery!  And some delicious Dutch cheeses!  The rain clouds caught me on the way ‘home’, but I was tightly wrapped in my ‘cocoon’ and arrived warm and dry.

That evening we welcomed Jaap and Simone back into their lovely home from their month long trip in Southern Spain.  It was a fun evening sharing stories and jokes and talking about our upcoming ski season in Rossland.  We will see them again in one months time!  Tuesday they took us on a beautiful walk through forests and fields, stopping by an organic farm for some cheese and apples.  We were whisked off to airport on Wednesday morning….and arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon!  Sounds crazy now…but here we are with some great memories (and jet lag)….sitting in our dearly missed home dreaming about our next adventure!






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