Settling in for the winter…

OK so we didn’t sit around our lovely home on the Sunshine Coast for too long.  We were barely over the jet lag when we hopped on the ferry over to Vancouver Island(Comox) to spend a few days with Mark’s Mom which is always like a bit of a holiday for us.  The weather was good and it is always nice to get out on the Salish Sea…

We arrived back home a few days later and, after looking at the weather predictions for the coming weekend, decided we had better start packing the truck for the trek over the mountain passes to the Kootenays where our winter home awaited us.  After a long dry spell for the first 2weeks of December, there was snow coming and we needed to get ahead of the storm!  We were ready to go the next day and caught the ferry (south) at 3:30, and kept going through Vancouver and on to Abbotsford where we spent the night.  We made it to Rossland the next day all the way on nice dry roads!

So here we are again with our beautiful ‘winter family’ and snow falling all around.  The Christmas tree is decorated and lots of lights inside and out to brighten our evenings.  We have been to a few of our favourite trails for cross country skiing and checked out some of the runs on RED Mountain.  The snow is still a bit thin in places, but snow is falling as I write this.


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL….and stay tuned for the next chapter!!!


One thought on “Settling in for the winter…

  1. So nice to hear from you two. Hey, what about the kitty cat?
    We are enjoying all the 75 degree weather while you two are cooling your heels down around the snowy mountains.
    We will head home in February sometimes and will catch up with all our adventures then.
    Meanwhile have a great New Years and look great in that blue fur.

    Lisa 🐸, Ray 🐷 and Little JOE 🐶



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